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Divine Collection

Eagle - The Hunter
Price: On request

Almost intimidating with its realistic finish,painstakingly carved and detailed togleaming perfection, this majestic eagle in sterling silver is truly one-of-a-kind piece,perched on a tree trunk on its return from a hunt.

Eagle - The Invincible
Price: On request

The sterling silver eagle with awe inspiring realism sits almost in thought, contemplating the next hunt, observing the dwarfed earthly creatures from the tree top. He is the king. He is Invincible.

Bull -The Untamed
Price: On request

The very realistic sterling silver bull strikes an attacking pose with an uneasy calmness echoing his strength.

Tiger - The Powerful
Price: On request

A realistic rendition of a tiger, the incomparable force has been frozen in sterling silrer reverberating his wild power.

Caviar Bowl
Price: On request

Spun to perfection, a spherical bowl with a beautiful fish at the helm opens from the centre to reveal a chamber to store the delicious caviar and ice around it forthe cool. Hand crafted in sterling silver.

Fruit Bowl Hennell Lion
Price: On request

Raised by a trio of heraldic lions is this fruit bowl of imperial style, all in sterling silver, clean and classic.

Vase Stork
Price: On request

Frazer & Haws' ode to classic beauty and fine craftsmanship. This all silver vase is adorned with richly engraved storks wading in precious silver water. Truly a tribute to Frazer & Haws' glorious past.