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Divine Collection

Ganesh Sarvamanak
Price: INR 43,000

Lord Ganpati is resplendant in a majestic avatar seated on a red onyx base, holding His favourite `laddoo' while the mouse waits at His feet. Handcrafted and hallmarked in 92.5% sterling silver.

Ganesha Trilok
Price: INR 36,700

Lord Ganpati having gone around the Universe- the Trilok- now dances in abandon while the moon serenades His joy. Unique in symbology and rendition a special from F and H mixed media collection.

Siddhi Vinayak
Price: INR 1,08,700

A grand rendition of Lord Ganpati is handcrafted in terracotta, embellished with sterling silver jewels, studded with zircons and pearls to enhance the grandeur. From Frazer and Haws’ limited edition.

Ganesha Shubh
Price: INR 7,000

An auspicious pose of Lord Ganpati where He is the bestower of boons. Handcrafted in terracotta and embellished with silver, this one is from Frazer and Haws special mixed media expertise.

Ganesha in Marble
Price: On Request

F and H experiments with yet another medium - Lord Ganesha in marble wears a turban and is uniquely styled. All embellishments are in sterling silver.

Ganesha Rajwada
Price: INR 48,800

Lord Ganesha in a resplendant regal pose seated on a throne! Magnificently ornamented with fine details, this piece takes a detour from the usual colour to find flair in an off white base.

Ganesh Shwet
Price: INR 21,300

In an unusual rendition, Lord Ganesha plays the flute with His legs crossed in a Krishna posture. The mixed media highlights the silver ornaments.

Ganesh Kartik
Price: INR 48,200

Lord Ganesha is in the form of His brother, Kartikeya riding the peacock. An all white with gold gilded jewellery and a copper umbrella. It is handcrafted with meticulous details.

Ganesha Navya
Price: INR 8,100

Lord Ganpati acquires a contemporary flair with ornaments inspired from the Indian paisley motif. Handcrafted in two tones of brown resin and sterling silver.

Ganesha Vyas
Price: INR 48,200

From F and H comes this new avatar of Lord Ganpati writing the Srimad Bhagwat seated in a Yogic posture. With exceptional craftsmanship, the Lord as Muni Vyas is truly an ingenious piece.

Ganesh Dhanvirajmaan
Price: INR 27,100

Lord Ganpati made in terracotta reposes in a unique posture to view the world at large and bless his devotees to bestow wealth and fortune.

Ganesh Kirti
Price: INR 29,700

The God of fame and fortune in a contemporary avatar. Handcrafted in terracotta and embellished with hand hammered sterling silver jewellery.