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Divine Collection

Price: INR 64,600

Murlidhar, far removed from the image of a prankster, stands tall and handsome, playing the flute while His pristine cow wears a serene expression. An abalone border embellishes the marble base.

Krishna Natkhat
Price: INR 26,500

Baby Krishna up to His antics! Handcrafted in terracotta, wood and silver, this is an endearing form, meticulously perfected.

Terracota Krishna Kanhaiya
Price: INR 5,700

Baby Krishna caught in an endearing act. In F and H’s specialised mixed media.

Terracotta Krishna (S)
Price: INR 75,800

Krishna in terracotta accessorized with sterling silver sits on a granite base with a serene disposition, oblivious to the worldly chaos and plays the flute.

Price: INR 44,700

An extraordinary creation – Radha and Krishna, handcrafted in terracotta with silver accessories balance on a marble base. A striking amalgamation of the classic and the contemporary.