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Divine Collection

Healing Buddha
Price: INR 63,700

The Healing Buddha is in a meditating pose. His left hand holds a bowl of healing nectar and the right holds the magical plant that cures all diseases. In terracotta and silver.

Mahaveer Swami
Price: INR 47,200

Crafted in an all white stylization of marble and resin, Mahaveer Swami is a picture of serenity. Religious symbols in gold gilded silver add the requisite embellishments.

Bell Lakshmi and Ganesh
Price: INR 48,899 / 46,224

Ganesha, the bestower and Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity showers their blessings upon you and yours, seated on the bells made in sterling silver with rose wood stems.

Bell Lotus
Price: INR 16,200

Lotus- the symbol of purity and divinity is wound around the rosewood stem of this sterling silver bell with scallops.

Bell Navratna, Gajdhvani and Morpankh
Price: INR 22,400/16,200/9,500

A collection of 3 bells - bell navratna, bell ganpati and bell rudraksh, all made in sterling silver add a pious touch to your pooja.

Kalash Gangajal
Price: INR 55,400

Beautifully handcrafted with chased mango leaves this representation of a Gangajal Kalash complete with a silver coconut exudes elegance and tradition

Krishna Set With Bhagwat Gita
Price: INR 19,795

A wooden box comprising of Lord Krishna’s sterling silver idol and a miniature Bhagwad Gita embellished with a sterling silver flute makes an ideal traveling prayer kit.

Price: INR 8,000

These small decorative sterling silver containers in 3 sizes can hold from flowers to pins.

Lota Wood Top Agni
Price: INR 12,400

These lotas in assorted shapes and sizes, made in sterling silver with a copper base and wooden lids, are suited best to carry ‘charnamrit’ or ‘ganga jal’