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First Invite
Price:INR 77,361

Quintessentially for the bridal market where the First Invite plays a vital role. Each one is thoughtfully customised keeping the clients’ specifications in mind.

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Dhan Potli (S)
Price:INR 18,900

A unique rendition of the traditional 'potli' used for storing and gifting valuables in velvet clad round wood box with a lid and dressed in hand pierced silver.

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Glass Oudh
Price:INR 44,800

This exquisite glass is reminiscent of the days of the Nawabs of Oudh and a must for every trousseau. Start life together on a grand note.

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Photoframe Angels and Roses
Price:INR 2,47,300

An intricately chased photo frame in sterling silver with relief of angels and flowers as the border, a statement of opulence.

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Photoframe Romanov
Price:INR 24,300

Almost regal in bearing the silver clad wood photoframe is an aesthetic stylisation.

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Photoframe Flair Pierced
Price:INR 2,01,700

The intricately pierced photoframe is painstakingly crafted with ultimate flair.

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Photoframe Lily Bloom
Price:INR 22,900

A spectacular blanc de blanc design using the iridescent mother of pearl overlay on a round photoframe that is highlighted with sterling silver Calla lilies. They are held together with a Victorian bow, set with pearls. 24k gold gilding is added for a luxe look.

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Cake Stand Classic Doilly
Price:INR 2,23,500

Delicately pierced sheets of silver adorn the glass while a faceted crystal adds a unique sparkle at the top. Classic in conception and meticulous in finish, it is handcrafted in sterling silver.

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Ganesha Omeya
Price:INR 20,300

In a contemporary stylization in terracotta, Ganpati sits benevolently on a stone base with ears that take the form of the symbolic ‘Om.’

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Photoframe Ecstasy
Price:INR 60,300

A sterling silver photo frame adorned with pierced patterns with gold gild, an ideal to hold the picture of the newly wed couple.

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Photoframe Eden
Price:INR 22,500

A photo frame adorned with fluid pierced patterns and dragonflies with crystal embellishments, made in sterling silver evoke the feeling of romance.

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Raas Leela
Price:INR 30,500

An extraordinary creation Radha and Krishna, handcrafted in terracotta with silver accessories balance on a marble base. A striking amalgamation of the classic and the contemporary.

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Table Lamp Pierced
Price:INR 3,92,600

Majestically crafted the grooved pillar rises from a base to hold aloft an electric blue Morano glass shade covered with intricately hand pierced sterling silver for a touch of the unusual.

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* Prices mentioned on this website are ex-Delhi. Please call for Mumbai and Bangalore prices.