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Book Mark Cocoon
Price:INR 2,600

A buttefly struggles to find life. The bookmark is in an aesthetic rendition, handcrafted in 92.5% sterling silver.

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Book Mark Ganpati
Price:INR 2,000

Auspicious and precious. Stylised in 92.5% sterling silver, this bookmark adds value to the pages.

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Gandhi Plaque
Price:INR 8,200

In this memento, The silhouette of Mahatma Gandhi is cut out in sterling silver alongwith the irrevocable words “Satyamev Jayate” on a base of frosted glass.

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Horse Shoe (L)
Price:INR 5,000

A thoughtful charm for good luck. Handcrafted in wood and clad with sterling silver, meticulously detailed for effect, it makes for a perfect desktop or a memento.

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Paper Weight Golf Ball
Price:INR 11,300

A spun and hand hammered replica of the golf ball to be used as a paper weight

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Pen Stallion
Price:INR 4,800

Graceful lines of the stallion make this pen an eye catcher! Hallmarked In sterling silver.

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Success Ahead
Price:INR 14,600

A granite and silver combination – the milestone is gold plated.

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Card Holder Swan
Price:INR 13,700

A sterling silver swan adorns a wooden base with the card being held by the silver stalks of grass that rise from the lake.

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Jaws the Reminder
Price:INR 13,800

A fun product from Frazer and Haws, a sterling silver crocodile basks in the sun holding important reminders for you in his gripping jaws.

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Key Chain Nut Bolt
Price:INR 6,500

From an all male nut and bolt collection comes this keychain comprising of a sterling silver spanner holding a nut for those who love tinkering in their backyard.

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Paper Weight Jagaur
Price:INR 6,500

A stunning piece from the jaguar collection that spells speed, this is a paper weight made in granite adorned with a sterling silver jaguar caught in motion.

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* Prices mentioned on this website are ex-Delhi. Please call for Mumbai and Bangalore prices.