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Ganesha Shubh
Price:INR 7,000

An auspicious pose of Lord Ganpati where He is the bestower of boons. Handcrafted in terracotta and embellished with silver, this one is from Frazer and Haws special mixed media expertise.

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Ganesha Navya
Price:INR 8,100

Lord Ganpati acquires a contemporary flair with ornaments inspired from the Indian paisley motif. Handcrafted in two tones of brown resin and sterling silver.

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Diya Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh
Price:INR 21,900

The Celestial ‘Trinity!’ The three Diyas depict the three Gods – Brahma’s symbol ‘Lotus’, Vishnu’s ‘Conch’ and Shiva’s ‘Trident’, handcrafted in sterling silver with teak wood handles.

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Diya Flame
Price:INR 6,200

The stylised flames emanating from the diya crafted in sterling silver, represent ‘agni’ or fire, a vital element. Available in two sizes.

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Diya Shobha
Price:INR 2,800

A beautiful diya with three-cornered embellishments, part gold gilded for effect, handcrafted in sterling silver.

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Ganesh Ek Dant
Price:INR 26,000

Having written the Ramayan with his right tusk – Ganesha rests. Serene, modernistic embellished with silver gilded jewellery.

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Kalash Gangajal
Price:INR 10,700

Beautifully handcrafted with chased mango leaves this representation of a Gangajal Kalash complete with a silver coconut exudes elegance and tradition

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Nimbu Mirchi
Price:INR 8,600

A symbol of protection has been realistically given form with the 'nimbu' being gold gilded. Hang it anywhere and it will have a new meaning from being whimsical to being auspicious.

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