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Vase Eagle
Price:INR 11,400

A regal eagle motif in silver on an aubergine coloured glass vase makes a meaningful memento.

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Vase Radha
Price:INR 17,900

Two beautifully crafted peacock feathers in silver entwine together on the face of a yellow vase to represent Lord Krishna with His consort.

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Vase Jazz by the Bay
Price:INR 45,400

Like the notes of a jazz tune, many shades come together in this hand blown glass vase which takes a leap in style with the silver pattern on the base and at the neck.

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Vase Willow
Price:INR 12,700

The alluring female pattern with meticulous detailing adorns the face of the aubergine coloured vase.

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Vase Amethyst Circle
Price:INR 14,338

Uniquely stylised vase in the royal purple hue has a contemporary pattern traced on its surface in sterling silver. It adds a touch of e'lan to its surroundings and generates a creative process.

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Vase Feline
Price:INR 21,300

Sinuous curves have been cut out of sterling silver to decorate this amethyst coloured glass vase.

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