Every product at Frazer and Haws has three unique marks punched on its surface. These are called 'hallmarks' and guarantee the content of the silver used in the product. F&H hallmark is registered with the Hall of Assays in London. British hallmarks have acted as safeguards to purchasers of gold and silver articles for over six centuries. It is one of the most important forms of consumer protection. The first mark is the 'Sponsor's Mark' which indicates the manufacturer or the sponsor of the product. In Britain the mark consists of the initials of the firm. The lotus is the 'Standard Mark' that denotes the precious metal content of the alloy from which the article is made and is not less than the standards required i.e. 92.5%. The last one 'Date Letter" shows the year in which the article was hallmarked.

* Prices mentioned on this website are ex-Delhi. Please call for Mumbai and Bangalore prices.