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Home Accessories

Tea Set Rooster
PriceINR 2,51,500

Oblong shapes of the three piece tea set resembling the egg in high polish surface contrasts with the gold gilded rooster perched on top. The uniquely styled handles add a quirky touch. A limited edition piece.

Tea Set Victorian
PriceINR 5,08,300 (4 pcs)

The Victorian Tea Set from the classic english silver collection is inspired by the victorian lines and adorned with an eagle perched on the lid. It is intricately hand engraved with the inside in gold guild.

Tea Strainers
PriceINR 16,371

A set of tea strainers with a cup to catch drips. A larger and more elaborate cousin of the tea strainer, has an interesting mechanism that swivels into place a receptacle to catch drippings from the used strainer.

Tea Set Octagonal
PriceINR 5,18,950

A robust octagonal shape creates the body of this truly elegant teaset in sterling silver with wooden handles and knobs.

Tea Set Hennell
PriceINR 5,47,700 (4 pcs)

Scalloped Hennell Tea Service inspired from folds of a palatial curtain, is a classic design from the old English era.

Tea Set Triangular
PriceINR 2,19,000

A triangular shape has been spun to create this unique geometrical tea set with rectangular teak wood handles- perfect for a modern home.

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