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Home Accessories

Cocktail Tray
PriceINR 1,82,400

Early ‘Chippendale’ style borders shape up the cocktail tray with clean lines, available in three sizes.

Wine Cork Golf Ball
PriceINR 10,100

A hand beaten replica of a golf ball to be used as a bottle stopper- perfect for a golf player’s bar.

Wine Cooler
PriceINR 4,72,000

This wine cooler is an old Hennell archival design with beautifully chased handles- an essntial for a classy evening.

Wine Goblet Romanov
PriceINR 24,400

For the lover of luxury the wine goblet is held by a flared contoured base, gem studded and gold gilded. Fit for roayalty!

Martini Glass
PriceINR 11,000

Silver and glass marry in sophistication. Sip in style!

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