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Photoframe Lily bloom
PriceINR 20,900

A spectacular blanc de blanc design using the iridescent mother of pearl overlay on a round photoframe that is highlighted with sterling silver Calla lilies. They are held together with a Victorian bow, set with pearls. 24k gold gilding is added for a luxe look. .

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Candle Stand Arch of Love
PriceINR 14,900

An evocative rendition of love. Handcrafted resin figures dance the salsa and hold up the candlestick, detailed with sterling silver. Faceted crystal drop adds shine to the moment. .

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Photoframe High Life
PriceINR 10,700

A stylized heart frames the photo area and a wine bottle and goblets add the celebratory symbols..

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Bowled Over
PriceINR 9,800

The cricket ball is half covered with a high polish sterling silver sheet to declare casually ‘bowled over’ but sits solidly on a teak wood base with silver trimming to signify an invariant sentiment. A subtle declaration of an ardent emotion guaranteed to take the relationship to a high-pitch..

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Honey Bee Mine
PriceINR 4,200

When words seem inadequate, a witty memento works magic! Propose, declare or express your emotions with this explicit token that is laden with sterling love in form of a honey bee holding a heart!.

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Love Never Dies
PriceINR 32,421

An unparalleled token for the die-hard romantics for an in-your-face declaration of love. The flower says it all. Delicate Venetian glass flowers embellished with sterling silver and also in pure sterling silver in several sizes make an eloquent gift..

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