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Vase Radha
PriceINR 17,900

Two beautifully crafted peacock feathers in silver entwine together on the face of a yellow vase to represent Lord Krishna with His consort..

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Candle Stand Arch of Love
PriceINR 14,900

An evocative rendition of love. Handcrafted resin figures dance the salsa and hold up the candlestick, detailed with sterling silver. Faceted crystal drop adds shine to the moment..

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Bowl Fire Lights
PriceINR 16,400

A sterling silver bowl with a delicate pierced border accented with crystals is ideal to serve the goodies to your guests at Diwali..

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Candle Stand Nandi
PriceINR 29,100

An esoteric interpretation of the celestial 'nandy' horns. In a clever interplay of mixed media the base is hand cut in resin and the stylized sterling silver horns embrace the glow of the candle.


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Nut Dish Umbrella
PriceINR 43,700 Onwards

Fashioned to resemble an open umbrella, a whimsical table piece for nuts, chocolates and Bonbons, handcrafted in sterling silver..

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Pooja Thali Pierced
PriceINR 47,800

A sterling silver plate with an intricately pierced border makes an excellent Pooja thali, elegant and classy..

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Nimbu Mirchi
PriceINR 8,600

A product one of its kind, made in complete silver, a symbol of protection has been realistically given form with the ‘nimbu’ being gold gilded. Hang it anywhere and it will have a new meaning from being whimsical to being auspicious, it is truly unique..

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