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Ganesh Shubh
PriceINR 7,000

An auspicious pose of Lord Ganpati where He is the bestower of boons. Handcrafted in terracotta and embellished with silver, this one is from Frazer and Haws special mixed media expertise..

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Ganesh Navya
PriceINR 8,100

Lord Ganpati acquires a contemporary flair with uniquely styled ornaments that take inspiration from the Indain paisley motif. Handcrafted in two tones of brown resin and sterling silver, it is exceptionally conceptualised..

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Ganesh-Ek Dant
PriceINR 1,15,600

Having written the Ramayan with his right tusk – Ganesha rests. Serene, modernistic embellished with gilded jewellery – holding a laddoo with his faithful vahan at his feet..

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Diya Dhruvtara
PriceINR 27,100

Designed to bring luck with eight falling stars, the Diya is symbolic of good fortune, crafted in sterling silver, the stars are gold gild..

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Diya Keshvam
PriceINR 2,800

This diya brings to you the blessings of Lord Krishna as its motifs are inspired by the peacock feathers associated with his appearance..

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Diya Namah
PriceINR 4,800

Stylised symbols of ‘Om’ encircle the diya handcrafted in sterling silver with the bindu adding the perfect highlight in gold gilding. .

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Ganesh Dhanvirajman
PriceINR 27,100

Lord Ganpati made in terracotta reposes in a unique posture to view the world at large and bless his devotees to bestow wealth and fortune.


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Ganesh Subhaashish
PriceINR 62,100

A beautifully handcrafted idol of Lord Ganesha sits elegantly on a marble base amorously showering his blessings on all his devotees..

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Kirti Ganesh
PriceINR 29,700

The God of fame and fortune in a contemporary avtaar. Handcrafted in terracotta and embellished with hand hammered sterling silver jewellery..

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Ganesh Varadvinayak
PriceINR 44,700

Riding on the mouse Lord Ganesha bestows his blessing to his devotees. Made in terracotta and embellished with sterling silver jewels, he is accompanied by Lakshmi made in sterling silver.


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