Personal Accessories


Dhan Potli (S)
Price: INR 18,900

A unique rendition of the traditional 'potli' used for storing and gifting valuables in velvet clad round wood box with a lid and dressed in hand pierced silver.

Mirror Venus
Price: INR 13,900

An exceptionally aesthetic stylization that allows a sensuous appeal. The female figure holds up the mirror. Handcrafted in graceful lines and perfect contours, it scores very high on vanity quotient.

Vanity - Comb, Mirrors and Hair Brush
Price: INR 9,800/17,700/6,800

Intricately pierced and engraved- sterling silver essentials for every lady's hand bag. From left: Comb Engraved, Mirror Sea Horse Round(S), Hair Brush Engraved and Mirror Oval Pierced.

Fantasy- Comb, Mirror and Hair Brush
Price: On Request

Dreamy spiral forms have been pieced on sterling silver to give forms to this set of comb, mirror and hair brush, essentials for a woman’s purse.

* Prices mentioned on this website are ex-Delhi. Please call for Mumbai and Bangalore prices.